Reel Blue Design was formed to meet the needs of customers worldwide that require video and digital services. Over the last 18 years, our award winning Creative Director, Producer and Editor team have worked for some of the world's largest companies such as Sony Pictures, MTV and National Geographic across the globe on projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and London. Our global presence and skills at building and managing in-house teams have led us to work in Russia, South Africa and Japan.

With years of experience we believe in building collaborative and inspirational environments where individuals can thrive and ideas become reality, bringing your ideas to life through storytelling and unique visual communication is what drives us.

No matter if your needs are small or large, we have a solution to meet your needs whether it be using stock imagery and stills, original raw footage or the peoduction of something involving a full crew and equipment, we can help.

Our creative team will also help and assist in coming up with ideas and visuals that help you to market your product and express the key features in a visually compelling way. Whether its your first time or you are an experience pro, we can help.

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through positive experiences and story telling




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